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General terms and conditions of use

This document outlines the Terms of Use of All Azur.

This document sets out the Terms of Use of All Azur. By using All Azur or by making a reservation via our platform, you expressly accept the conditions of use of this document, its associated services and our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these terms of use, you must not continue to use All Azur, nor take any steps to make a reservation via our platform.

All Azur is not a travel agency or a tour operator. All Azur provides independent owners with an advertising portal as well as marketing and reservation services with the aim of finding rental customers and guaranteeing reservations. All property descriptions, local information and photographs have been approved by each individual owner as accurate and binding for the purposes of any rental agreement that may be entered into via All Azur and/or our booking platform.

All Azur makes no warranty or endorsement of individual properties and is not responsible for the final presentation of the property, nor for the on-site management and maintenance provided by the owner and/or their property manager.

All Azur acts only as the owner’s booking agent and, in the event of a dispute, is not authorized to intervene in the exchange of correspondence. Any complaint of any kind regarding the performance of your vacation accommodation should be addressed directly to the owner.

All Azur undertakes to manage the reservations of the rental customers, including rental payments and security deposit transactions via our payment systems to our individual owners.

Any rental agreement entered for the purpose of renting any property represented on All Azur’s web pages is between the rental customer and the owner of the property. No rental agreement relating to the rental of a property is or can be concluded with All Azur.

All Azur is not legally bound by any rental contract concluded on its web pages other than the execution of its reservation services detailed herein. The latter are the only services provided to the rental customer by All Azur, which shall have no other responsibility or obligation than the performance of the aforementioned services.

It is the responsibility of the owners to comply with the standards and regulations in force concerning the safety of their pools and their surroundings as well as the installation of smoke detectors. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that the regulations are respected.

All Azur’s fees/commission are the responsibility of the property owner and not the tenant customer.